Texas Custody Laws – Where Do You Stand?

One of the key considerations when people are faced with the prospect of divorce or splitting up from their partner is the question of custody arrangements. And if they happen to live in the state of Texas, then it is the Texas custody laws that will be particularly praying on their minds.

The fact is that the custody laws in Texas have actually recently had a major overhaul, because September 2007 saw major changes as to the ways that child custody arrangements in Texas were overseen.

These changes impacted on all areas of Texas custody laws from the ground up, with child custody issues ranging from visitation rights to childcare agreements and how time would be split between the parents all being major causes for debate before the final structure for the laws was arrived at.

In the event, Texas had a major re-think in Sept 2007 and emerged with a more collaborative, less combative approach to the subject of exactly how time should be split between parents, and the ways that this should happen.

For the first time Texas custody laws  were more evenly weighted between the two parties, as it was felt that it should no longer be the norm that the mother would automatically get all the rights to the children, and the father play second fiddle. But rather that both parties should be treated equally, and in any event, that wherever possible these matters should be settled by negotiation and mutual agreements between both parties, and not actually ever get to a Texas court in the first place.

Of course, this is not always possible, and sometimes relationships between the two parties has sunk to such lows that agreement is out of the question without legal intervention. But it is nevertheless hopeful that Texas custody laws are at least now beginning to embrace better communications between all those people involved in them.

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